Advancing the Future ​of Bitcoin Mining

About Us

Zetta is a privately held, US institutional-grade Bitcoin mining company, dedicated to supporting and securing the Bitcoin network through advanced mining sites and innovative practices.

Our experience in mining has shown us that there is a shortage of reliable, vertically integrated, US-based miners. So we decided to build our own Bitcoin mining farms, owned and operated by Zetta.

We are committed to continually enhancing the sustainability of our operations and the larger bitcoin network, with the majority of our miners running on immersion liquid cooled technology, working towards 100% sustainable power.

Benefits of Immersion Cooling

Boosting Hashrate

The fluids used in immersion, called dielectric coolants, are much more thermally conductive and dense than air, making them better at absorbing heat and moving it quickly away from the miners. Improved efficiency, combined with better cooling and machine preservation, can help increase hashrate by up to 40%, generating more revenue for a longer period of time.

Controlled Environment & Longer Lifespan

In immersion, miners operate in a 100% controlled environment with no dust, no temperature or humidity fluctuations and no impurities. We see the same hash rate per miner day in and day out (within .1 TH), regardless of what outside conditions may be. We estimate this will result in a 3x increased miner lifespan.

Silent Mining

In addition to the noise from the machine fans, air conditioners and an abundance of cooling fans creates high decibels of noise. With immersion, noise is cut to almost zero.

Management Team

We are a team of serial entrepreneurs with deep experience in technology and Bitcoin mining.

Meir Cohen

Co-Founder, CEO

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Eli Finkelman

Co-Founder, CTO

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